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Council Legislation

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Please note that council minutes are not posted until approved by the City Council for the following month.

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2024 City Council Agenda Packets

05.16.24-Council-Meeting-Packet-revised16.8 MiB23
05.16.24-Council-Meeting-Packet16.5 MiB11
05.16.24 Council Meeting Agenda0.2 MiB11
05.02.24 Council Meeting Packet1.6 MiB50
05.02.24 Council Meeting Agenda0.2 MiB14
04.25.24 Special Meeting Council Packet2.0 MiB23
04.25.24 Special Meeting Agenda0.2 MiB22
04.18.24 Council Meeting Packet2.3 MiB36
04.18.24 Council Meeting Agenda0.2 MiB18
04.04.24 Council Meeting Packet5.6 MiB135
04.04.24 Council Meeting Agenda0.2 MiB43
03.21.24 Council Meeting Packet3.8 MiB63
03.21.24 Council Meeting Agenda0.2 MiB39
03.07.24 Council Meeting Packet2.9 MiB56
03.07.24 Council Meeting Agenda0.2 MiB45
02.15.24 Council Meeting Packet REVISED4.2 MiB95
02.15.24 Council Meeting Packet4.0 MiB70
02.15.24 Council Meeting Agenda REVISED0.2 MiB58
02.15.24 Council Meeting Agenda0.2 MiB54
02.01.24 Council Meeting Packet2.0 MiB116
02.01.24 Council Meeting Agenda0.2 MiB77
01.18.24 Council Meeting Packet0.9 MiB122
01.18.24 Council Meeting Agenda0.2 MiB99
01.04.24 Special Meeting Notice0.4 MiB136
01.04.24 Special Meeting Agenda0.2 MiB134
01.04.24 Council Meeting Packet13.1 MiB149
01.04.24 Council Meeting Agenda0.2 MiB122

2024 Regular Council Meeting Minutes

05.02.24 Council Meeting Minutes0.3 MiB13
04.18.24 Council Meeting Minutes0.6 MiB21
04.04.24 Council Meeting Minutes0.7 MiB27
03.21.24 Council Meeting Minutes1.1 MiB40
03.07.24 Council Meeting Minutes0.4 MiB45
02.15.24 Council Meeting Minutes0.8 MiB52
02.01.24 Council Meeting Minutes0.6 MiB74
01.18.24 Council Meeting Minutes0.3 MiB83
01.04.24 Council Meeting Minutes0.6 MiB100

2024 Special Council Meeting Minutes

01.04.24 Special Council Meeting Minutes0.4 MiB99

2024 Workshop Council Meeting Minutes

03.07.24 Council Workshop Minutes0.8 MiB36

2023 City Council Agenda Packets

12.21.23 Council Meeting Packet12.1 MiB173
12.21.23 Council Meeting Agenda0.2 MiB130
12.13.23 Special Meeting Council Packet4.5 MiB186
12.13.23 Special Meeting Agenda0.4 MiB139
12.07.23 Council Meeting Packet Revised25.2 MiB205
12.07.23 Council Meeting Packet25.1 MiB207
12.07.23 Council Meeting Agenda Revised0.2 MiB151
12.07.23 Council Meeting Agenda0.2 MiB168
11.16.23 Council Agenda0.2 MiB199
11.02.23 Council Meeting Packet1.4 MiB259
11.02.23 Council Agenda0.2 MiB211
10.19.23 Council Meeting Packet5.8 MiB290
10.19.23 Council Agenda0.2 MiB318
10.05.23 Council Meeting Packet0.5 MiB292
10.05.23 Council Meeting Agenda0.2 MiB224
09.26.23 Special Meeting Council Packet2.2 MiB331
09.26.23 Special Council Meeting Agenda0.1 MiB213
09.21.23 Council Meeting Packet5.4 MiB302
09.21.23 Council Meeting Agenda0.1 MiB258
09.07.23 Council Meeting Packet2.6 MiB304
09.07.23 Council Meeting Agenda0.1 MiB223
08.17.23 Council Meeting Packet11.0 MiB307
08.17.23 Council Meeting Agenda0.1 MiB207
08.03.23 Council Meeting Packet3.8 MiB280
08.03.23 Council Meeting Agenda0.1 MiB188
07.20.23 Council Meeting Packet0.7 MiB282
07.20.23 Council Meeting Agenda84 KiB209
07.06.23 Council Packet Meeting0.4 MiB218
07.06.23 Council Meeting Packet REVISED2.5 MiB237
07.06.23 Council Agenda REVISED0.1 MiB175
07.06.23 Council Agenda0.1 MiB163
06.15.23 Council Meeting Packet3.0 MiB243
06.15.23 Council Meeting Agenda0.1 MiB264
06.01.23 Council Meeting Packet9.2 MiB201
06.01.23 Council Meeting Agenda0.1 MiB140
05.18.23 Council Meeting Packet0.5 MiB240
05.18.23 Council Meeting Agenda0.1 MiB159
05.04.23 Council Meeting Packet1.5 MiB236
05.04.23 Council Meeting Agenda0.1 MiB126
04.20.23 Council Meeting Packet3.7 MiB231
04.20.23 Council Meeting Agenda Revised0.1 MiB151
04.20.23 Council Meeting Agenda0.1 MiB95
04.06.23 Council Meeting Packet3.4 MiB207
04.06.23 Council Meeting Agenda0.1 MiB99
03.16.23 Council Workshop Agenda97 KiB124
03.16.23 Council Meeting Packet7.9 MiB201
03.16.23 Council Meeting Agenda0.1 MiB160
03.02.23 Council Meeting Packet2.9 MiB176
03.02.23 Council Meeting Agenda0.1 MiB118
02.23.23 Special Meeting Council Packet1.6 MiB172
02.16.23 Council Meeting Packet0.5 MiB184
02.16.23 Council Meeting Agenda0.1 MiB118
02.02.23 Council Meeting Packet4.0 MiB271
02.02.23 Council Meeting Agenda0.1 MiB109
01.19.23 Council Meeting Packet1.5 MiB307
01.19.23 Council Meeting Agenda0.1 MiB270
01.05.23 Council Meeting Packet REVISED1.2 MiB154
01.05.23 Council Meeting Packet1.2 MiB161
01.05.23 Council Meeting Agenda Revised0.1 MiB93
01.05.23 Council Meeting Agenda0.1 MiB124

2023 Regular Council Meeting Minutes

12.21.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.4 MiB107
12.07.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.8 MiB142
11.16.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.4 MiB145
11.02.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.5 MiB191
10.19.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.4 MiB219
10.05.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.4 MiB235
09.21.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.8 MiB507
09.07.23 Council Meeting Minutes1.0 MiB279
08.17.23 Council Meeting Minutes1.4 MiB292
08.03.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.4 MiB259
07.20.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.3 MiB332
07.06.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.7 MiB236
06.15.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.7 MiB242
06.01.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.7 MiB199
05.18.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.5 MiB158
05.04.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.3 MiB198
04.20.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.8 MiB163
04.06.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.6 MiB201
03.16.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.9 MiB182
03.02.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.8 MiB220
02.16.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.9 MiB334
02.02.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.5 MiB235
01.19.23 Council Meeting Minutes1.1 MiB158
01.05.23 Council Meeting Minutes0.5 MiB310

2023 Special Council Meeting Minutes

12.13.23 Special Council Meeting Minutes0.3 MiB119
09.26.23 Special Council Meeting Minutes0.7 MiB284
02.23.23 Special Council Meeting Minutes0.9 MiB116

2022 Regular Council Meeting Minutes

12-15-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.5 MiB232
12-01-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.8 MiB297
11-17-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.6 MiB383
11-03-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.5 MiB275
10-4-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.6 MiB273
10-20-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.3 MiB203
09-15-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.8 MiB224
09-01-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.7 MiB302
08-18-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.9 MiB278
08-04-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.3 MiB273
07-21-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.5 MiB340
07-07-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.5 MiB222
06-16-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.4 MiB322
06-02-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.8 MiB255
05-19-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.6 MiB288
05-05-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.8 MiB295
04-21-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.3 MiB265
04-07-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.6 MiB319
03-17-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.5 MiB343
03-03-22 Council Meeting Minutes1.4 MiB300
02-17-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.7 MiB315
01-20-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.5 MiB324
01-06-22 Council Meeting Minutes0.7 MiB283

2022 Workshop Council Meeting Minutes

04-07-22 Council Workshop Minutes0.6 MiB228

2022 Special Council Meeting Minutes

11-10-22 Special Council Meeting Minutes0.4 MiB128
10-25-22 Special Council Meeting Minutes0.3 MiB115
05-12-22 Special Council Meeting Minutes0.2 MiB218
05-02-22 Special Council Meeting Minutes0.8 MiB208
01-11-22 Special Council Meeting Minutes0.7 MiB243
01-04-22 Special Council Meeting Minutes0.2 MiB234

2021 Regular Council Meeting Minutes

12-16-21 Council Meeting Minutes1.0 MiB253
12-02-21 Council Meeting Minutes0.6 MiB208
11-18-21 Council Meeting Minutes0.6 MiB234
11-04-21 Council Meeting Minutes0.5 MiB320
10-21-21 Council Meeting Minutes0.6 MiB288
10-07-21 Council Meeting Minutes0.4 MiB258
09-16-21 Council Meeting Minutes0.9 MiB271
09-02-21 Council Meeting Minutes0.8 MiB273
08-19-21 Council Meeting Minutes0.5 MiB373
08-05-21 Council Meeting Minutes0.5 MiB289
07-15-21 Council Meeting Minutes0.9 MiB365
07-01-21 Council Meeting Minutes1.0 MiB417
07-01-21 Council Meeting Audio64.5 MiB115
06-17-21 Council Meeting Minutes0.9 MiB375
06-03-21 Council Meeting Minutes0.3 MiB247
05-20-21 Council Meeting Minutes1.1 MiB250
05-06-21 Council Meeting Minutes0.6 MiB300
04-15-21 Council Meeting Minutes0.4 MiB227
04-01-21 Council Meeting Minutes0.9 MiB226
03-18-21 Council Meeting Minutes0.3 MiB249
03-04-21 Council Meeting Minutes0.3 MiB288
02-18-21 Council Meeting Minutes0.3 MiB250
02-04-21 Council Meeting Minutes1.2 MiB345
01-21-21 Council Meeting Minutes0.8 MiB302
01-07-21 Council Meeting Minutes1.0 MiB557

2021 Workshop Council Meeting Minutes

12-02-21 Council Workshop Minutes0.7 MiB232
10-07-21 Council Workshop Minutes0.5 MiB242
02-04-21 Council Workshop Minutes0.4 MiB232
01-07-21 Council Workshop Minutes0.1 MiB306

2021 Special Council Meeting Minutes

07-28-21 Special Council Meeting Minutes0.6 MiB279
07-13-21 Special Council Meeting Minutes0.6 MiB487
06-29-21 Special Council Meeting Minutes0.7 MiB295
04-13-21 Special Council Meeting Minutes73 KiB223

2020 Regular Council Meeting Minutes 

12-3-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.2 MiB727
12-17-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.8 MiB289
11-5-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.4 MiB690
11-19-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.3 MiB665
10-15-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes2.1 MiB413
10-1-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes0.9 MiB366
09-17-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.4 MiB360
09-03-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.0 MiB359
08-20-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.8 MiB293
08-06-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.6 MiB262
07-16-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes2.5 MiB294
07-02-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.6 MiB287
06-18-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.1 MiB248
06-04-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.2 MiB263
05-21-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.4 MiB259
05-07-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes0.7 MiB255
04-16-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.0 MiB236
04-02-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.0 MiB246
03-19-20 Cancelled24 KiB239
03-05-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes0.7 MiB220
02-20-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.8 MiB324
02-06-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.4 MiB399
01-16-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.4 MiB268
01-02-20 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.0 MiB257

2020 Workshop Council Meeting Minutes 

11-5-20 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.2 MiB294
09-03-20 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.1 MiB383
08-06-20 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.1 MiB303
07-02-20 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.1 MiB257
03-05-20 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.1 MiB348
02/06/2020 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.2 MiB639
01/02/2020 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.2 MiB478

2020 Special Council Meeting Minutes

11-30-20 Special Council Meeting Minutes0.3 MiB284
10-28-20 Special Council Meeting Minutes0.4 MiB267
10-20-20 Special Council Meeting Minutes1.1 MiB272
07-09-20 Special Council Meeting Minutes1.2 MiB294
06-25-20 Special Council Meeting Minutes1.6 MiB359
06-11-20 Special Council Meeting Minutes0.7 MiB283
04-30-20 Special Council Meeting Minutes0.5 MiB259
03-12-20 Special Council Meeting Minutes2.1 MiB468

2019 Regular Council Meeting  Minutes

9/5/2019 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.5 MiB460
9/19/2019 Regular Council Meeting Minutes2.5 MiB418
8/15/2019 Regular Council Meeting Minutes3.4 MiB447
8/1/2019 Regular Council Meeting Minutes3.0 MiB328
8/1/2019 Regular Council Meeting Minutes3.0 MiB494
7/2/2019 Regular Council Meeting Minutes2.8 MiB483
7/18/2019 Regular Meeting Minutes2.0 MiB500
7/18/2019 Regular Meeting Minutes2.0 MiB479
6/6/19 Regular Council Meeting Minutes2.5 MiB416
6/20/19 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.5 MiB504
5/2/2019 Regular Council Meeting Minutes2.6 MiB494
5/16/19 Regular Council Meeting Minutes2.1 MiB397
4/4/19 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.3 MiB587
4/18/19 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.4 MiB615
3/7/19 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.8 MiB497
3/21/19 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.6 MiB442
2/7/19 Regular Council Meeting Minutes2.0 MiB366
2/21/19 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.7 MiB425
12/5/2019 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.7 MiB434
12/19/2019 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.5 MiB368
11/7/2019 Regular Council Meeting Minutes2.3 MiB576
11/21/2019 Regular Council Meeting Minutes2.2 MiB442
10/3/2019 Regular Council Meeting Minutes2.1 MiB498
10/17/2019 Regular Council Meeting Minutes0.7 MiB287
1/3/19 Regular Council Meeting Minutes1.7 MiB369
1/17/19 Regular Council Meeting Minutes2.7 MiB396

2019 Workshop Council Meeting Minutes

9/5/2019 Workshop Council Meeting Minutes0.2 MiB339
8/1/2019 Workshop Council Meeting Minutes0.2 MiB410
7/2/2019 Workshop Council Meeting Minutes0.1 MiB431
6/6/19 Workshop Council Meeting Minutes0.1 MiB428
5/2/19 Workshop Council Meeting Minutes0.2 MiB420
4/4/19 Workshop Council Meeting Minutes0.1 MiB528
3/7/19 Workshop Council Meeting Minutes0.1 MiB429
2/7/19 Workshop Council Meeting Minutes0.5 MiB397
12/5/2019 Workshop Council Meeting Minutes0.1 MiB416
11/7/2019 Workshop Council Meeting Minutes0.3 MiB362
10/3/2019 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.2 MiB377
1/3/19 Workshop Council Meeting Minutes0.1 MiB392

2019 Special Council Meeting Minutes

8/22/2019 Special Council Meeting Minutes1.0 MiB344
7/11/2019 Special Council Meeting Minutes0.6 MiB345
5/30/19 Special Council Meeting Minutes0.6 MiB352
10/1/2019 Special Council Meeting Minutes0.6 MiB355

2018 Regular Council Meeting Minutes

9/6/18 Regular Meeting Minutes2.1 MiB495
9/20/18 Regular Meeting Minutes1.4 MiB498
8/2/18 Regular Meeting Minutes1.7 MiB490
8/16/18 Regular Meeting Minutes1.6 MiB496
7/5/18 Regular Meeting Minutes1.3 MiB502
7/19/18 Regular Meeting Minutes1.2 MiB574
6/7/18 Regular Meeting Minutes2.0 MiB515
6/21/18 Regular Meeting Minutes1.8 MiB598
5/3/18 Regular Meeting Minutes1.4 MiB591
5/17/18 Regular Meeting Minutes1.7 MiB1778
4/5/18 Regular Meeting Minutes1.7 MiB505
4/19/18 Regular Meeting Minutes1.7 MiB501
3/15/2018 Regular Meeting Minutes1.1 MiB540
3/1/2018 Regular Meeting Minutes1.4 MiB539
2/15/2018 Regular Meeting Minutes1.2 MiB502
2/1/2018 Regular Meeting Minutes1.1 MiB513
12/6/18 Regular Meeting Minutes7.0 MiB556
12/20/18 Regular Meeting Minutes3.6 MiB513
11/15/18 Regular Meeting Minutes2.2 MiB431
11/1/18 Regular Meeting Minutes1.1 MiB436
10/4/18 Regular Meeting Minutes1.4 MiB546
10/18/18 Regular Meeting Minutes1.2 MiB428
1/4/2018 Regular Meeting Minutes0.9 MiB543
1/18/2018 Regular Meeting Minutes1.0 MiB510

2018 Workshop Council Meeting Minutes 

9/6/18 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.2 MiB404
8/2/18 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.1 MiB423
7/5/18 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.1 MiB453
6/7/18 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.2 MiB530
5/3/18 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.1 MiB391
4/5/18 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.1 MiB472
3/1/2018 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.3 MiB512
2/1/2018 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.2 MiB449
12/6/18 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.4 MiB506
11/1/18 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.2 MiB472
10/4/18 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.1 MiB430
1/4/2018 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.3 MiB491

2018 Special Council Meeting Minutes 

7/12/18 Special Meeting Minutes0.3 MiB404
6/28/18 Special Meeting Minutes1.4 MiB453
3/29/18 Special Meeting Minutes0.6 MiB381
11/27/18 Special Meeting Minutes1.8 MiB551

2017 Council Meeting Minutes

9-7-17 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.2 MiB717
9-7-17 Regular Meeting Minutes0.8 MiB666
9-21-172.4 MiB474
8-3-17 Workshop Meeting Minutes0.2 MiB590
8-3-17 Regular Meeting Minutes1.6 MiB714
8-17-17 Regular Meeting Minutes1.2 MiB742
7-6-17 Workshop Meeting Minutes 0.2 MiB584
7-6-17 Regular Meeting Minutes 1.6 MiB694
7-20-17 Regular Meeting Minutes 0.7 MiB675
6-29-17 Special Meeting Minutes1.2 MiB676
6-29-171.2 MiB494
6-15-17 Regular Meeting Minutes 1.7 MiB616
6-1-17 Workshop Meeting Minutes 0.2 MiB623
6-1-17 Regular Meeting Minutes 2.0 MiB656
5-4-17 Workshop Meeting Minutes 0.1 MiB562
5-4-17 Regular Meeting Minutes 0.7 MiB616
5-18-17 Regular Meeting Minutes 2.0 MiB901
4-6-17 Workshop Meeting Minutes 1.0 MiB694
4-6-17 Regular Meeting Minutes 0.9 MiB614
4-20-17 Regular Meeting Minutes 2.5 MiB753
3-30-17 Special Meeting Minutes 1.2 MiB715
3-30-171.2 MiB411
3-2-17 Workshop Meeting Minutes 0.3 MiB529
3-2-17 Regular Meeting Minutes 2.0 MiB568
3-16-17 Regular Meeting Minutes 0.6 MiB652
2-2-17 Workshop Meeting Minutes 0.6 MiB568
2-2-17 Regular Meeting Minutes 2.4 MiB757
2-16-17 Regular Meeting Minutes 2.4 MiB681
12-7-171.1 MiB424
12-7-170.5 MiB405
12-21-171.0 MiB526
11-2-171.2 MiB467
11-2-170.2 MiB435
11-16-171.4 MiB456
10-5-171.6 MiB499
10-5-170.3 MiB464
10-26-170.3 MiB424
10-19-172.2 MiB758
1-5-17 Workshop Meeting Minutes 0.1 MiB575
1-5-17 Regular Meeting Minutes 1.9 MiB638
1-26-17 Special Meeting Minutes 1.6 MiB634
1-19-17 Regular Meeting Minutes 1.9 MiB701
01-26-171.6 MiB479

2016 Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes Workshop 08-04-160.4 MiB861
Minutes Workshop 07-07-160.3 MiB825
Minutes Workshop 06-02-160.6 MiB762
Minutes Workshop 05-05-160.6 MiB752
Minutes Workshop 04-07-160.6 MiB728
Minutes Workshop 03-04-160.7 MiB847
Minutes Workshop 02-04-160.5 MiB860
Minutes Special Meeting 08-30-161.2 MiB1096
Minutes Special Meeting 01-06-161.1 MiB853
Minutes Special Meeting 01-04-162.1 MiB1026
Minutes Special Meeting 01-04-162.1 MiB904
Minutes Regular Meeting 08-18-163.0 MiB912
Minutes Regular Meeting 08-04-163.4 MiB1151
Minutes Regular Meeting 07-21-161.2 MiB704
Minutes Regular Meeting 07-07-161.7 MiB833
Minutes Regular Meeting 06-16-163.8 MiB933
Minutes Regular Meeting 06-16-163.8 MiB682
Minutes Regular Meeting 06-02-161.9 MiB1075
Minutes Regular Meeting 05-19-161.4 MiB742
Minutes Regular Meeting 05-05-161.3 MiB742
Minutes Regular Meeting 04-21-162.6 MiB658
Minutes Regular Meeting 04-07-163.4 MiB898
Minutes Regular Meeting 03-14-162.5 MiB884
Minutes Regular Meeting 03-04-162.1 MiB833
Minutes Regular Meeting 03-04-162.1 MiB786
Minutes Regular Meeting 02-18-163.5 MiB947
Minutes Regular Meeting 02-04-163.9 MiB951
Minutes Regular Meeting 02-04-163.9 MiB1051
Minutes Regular Meeting 01-21-162.9 MiB1046
Minutes Regular Meeting 01-07-163.9 MiB1205

2015 Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes Workshop Meeting 12-03-150.7 MiB996
Minutes Workshop Meeting 11-05-150.6 MiB963
Minutes Workshop Meeting 10-01-150.5 MiB723
Minutes Workshop Meeting 09-03-150.4 MiB685
Minutes Workshop Meeting 09-03-150.4 MiB874
Minutes Workshop Meeting 08-06-151.1 MiB851
Minutes Workshop Meeting 08-06-151.1 MiB827
Minutes Workshop Meeting 07-02-150.4 MiB740
Minutes Workshop 07-02-150.4 MiB838
Minutes Workshop 06-04-150.3 MiB834
Minutes Workshop 04-02-1582 KiB814
Minutes Workshop 03-05-1579 KiB878
Minutes Workshop 02-05-1575 KiB985
Minutes Workshop 01-08-1583 KiB891
Minutes Special Meeting 09-24-150.5 MiB679
Minutes Special Meeting 09-24-150.5 MiB705
Minutes Special Meeting 04-09-1582 KiB812
Minutes Special Meeting 04-09-1582 KiB781
Minutes Regular Meeting 12-03-152.9 MiB889
Minutes Regular Meeting 11-19-151.8 MiB882
Minutes Regular Meeting 11-05-152.6 MiB1466
Minutes Regular Meeting 10-15-151.9 MiB939
Minutes Regular Meeting 10-01-152.9 MiB848
Minutes Regular Meeting 09-17-151.4 MiB836
Minutes Regular Meeting 09-03-151.0 MiB1022
Minutes Regular Meeting 09-03-151.0 MiB678
Minutes Regular Meeting 08-20-153.4 MiB867
Minutes Regular Meeting 08-20-153.4 MiB754
Minutes Regular Meeting 08-06-151.8 MiB694
Minutes Regular Meeting 08-06-151.8 MiB955
Minutes Regular Meeting 07-16-151.6 MiB910
Minutes Regular Meeting 07-02-151.8 MiB941
Minutes Regular Meeting 07-02-151.8 MiB1085
Minutes Regular Meeting 06-18-150.9 MiB1141
Minutes Regular Meeting 06-04-151.2 MiB880
Minutes Regular Meeting 04-16-150.1 MiB843
Minutes Regular Meeting 04-02-150.1 MiB932
Minutes Regular Meeting 03-19-150.1 MiB1068
Minutes Regular Meeting 03-05-1592 KiB748
Minutes Regular Meeting 02-19-1592 KiB878
Minutes Regular Meeting 02-05-150.1 MiB984
Minutes Regular Meeting 01-15-150.1 MiB926
Minutes Regular Meeting 01-08-150.1 MiB1008

2014 Council Meeting Minutes

Workshop Meeting Minutes October 2 20140.2 MiB1069
Work Shop 8-7-20140.1 MiB722
MinutesWorksohp7-3-1422 KiB833
MinutesrRegularMeeting7-3-1423 KiB842
MinutesrRegularMeeting7-17-1430 KiB978
Minutesr Regular Meeting 9-18-1432 KiB841
Minutesr Regular Meeting 8-21-1462 KiB969
Minutesr Regular Meeting 6-5-1443 KiB858
Minutesr Regular Meeting 6-19-1427 KiB942
Minutesr Regular Meeting 3-6-1457 KiB872
Minutesr Regular Meeting 3-20-1457 KiB782
Minutesr Regular Meeting 1-20-1427 KiB721
Minutesr Regular Meeting 1-2-1427 KiB674
Minutes Workshop 11-6-1419 KiB816
Minutes Work Shop 9-4-1423 KiB769
Minutes Work Shop 6-5-1433 KiB844
Minutes Work Shop 5-1-142.8 MiB839
Minutes Work Shop 4-3-1414 KiB810
Minutes Work Shop 3-6-1433 KiB1089
Minutes Work Shop 2-6-1434 KiB901
Minutes Work Shop 12-4-1415 KiB685
Minutes Work Shop 1-2-1427 KiB734
Minutes Special Meeting Special 8-26-1424 KiB808
Minutes Special Meeting Special 5-29-1412 KiB707
Minutes Regular October2 20140.3 MiB977
Minutes Regular Meeting10-16-140.1 MiB1019
Minutes Regular Meeting 9-4-1460 KiB912
Minutes Regular Meeting 8-7-1413.3 MiB947
Minutes Regular Meeting 5-15-1433 KiB679
Minutes Regular Meeting 4-3-1443 KiB720
Minutes Regular Meeting 4-17-1447 KiB838
Minutes Regular Meeting 2-6-1441 KiB734
Minutes Regular Meeting 12-18-1452 KiB822
Minutes Regular Meeting 12-04-1421 KiB749
Minutes Regular Meeting 11-6-1443 KiB746
Minutes Regular 5-1-144.8 MiB900
Mayor Report January 220140.2 MiB622


If you wish to obtain copies of prior meeting minutes, please contact Tina Williams at 513-494-2296.

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