Village of South Lebanon Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Administrative Staff

The Village of South Lebanon staff includes ten people working to serve the needs of our community.

Our Village Administrator Jerry Haddix is appointed by the Mayor, with confirmation by Council, to oversee the day to day operations of the Village.  The Administrator attends all meetings of the Village Council, takes part in discussions of matters coming before the Council, supplies information and recommendations regarding development projects, management and control of our water plants and other public utilities.  The Village Administrator acts as the Village’s Building and Zoning Administrator, enforces building and zoning codes, and reviews all plans and makes recommendations.  The Administrator also oversees the improvement and repair of streets, bridges, sidewalks, sewers, drains, and water courses, as well as lighting and cleaning of streets and public buildings and places.  You can reach the Village Administrator by calling the Village office or sending him e-mail at


Our Public Works Department works to provide effective and efficient public services to the Village and its residents including reading of sewer and water meters, landscaping, clean-up projects, general road maintenance and repair, monitor and maintenance of sewer and water systems, work on emergency issues such as water main breaks, sewer back-up, etc., coordinate snow removal, and assist with other projects assigned by the Village Administrator.


Our Fiscal Officer Tina Williams, CPA, is appointed by the Mayor with confirmation by Council.  The Fiscal Officer manages the financial operations of the Village, including insuring compliance and accuracy of receipts, deposits, journals, and appropriate forms so as to conform with requirements by the Ohio Revised Code.  The Fiscal Officer acts as chief purchasing agent, and budget and appropriations officer of the Village.  The Fiscal Officer attends all meeting of the Council, keeps records of its proceedings and of all rules, bylaws, resolutions and ordinances passed or adopted, which shall be subject to the inspection of all interested parties.  The Fiscal Officer supervises the personnel and function of the Tax Department.  You may e-mail our Fiscal Officer at


Our Tax Administrator assists in filing and collection of taxes imposed by Village Ordinance, enforces payment of all income taxes owed to the Village, and all provisions of the Village Ordinance relating to any matter or thing pertaining to the collection and payment of taxes.  Please click on our “Tax Department” link to download tax forms.  You may e-mail our Tax Administrator at


Our Utility Clerks Amy Butler & Sally Mangas are responsible for water and sewer billing, processing payments received for water, sewer and trash accounts, and, processing zoning applications.  Other duties include customer service, freedom of information requests and receiving incoming calls for the Village offices.  Please click on our “Utilities Department” link for water, sewer and trash collection rates, deposit information and utility application forms.  You may e-mail our Utilities Clerk at


Our Clerk of Courts enters citations into our computer system, prepares documents for court hearings, maintains Mayor’s court dockets, attends court sessions, maintains contact with attorneys to schedule to pre-trial and trial hearings, and is responsible for collecting fines and fees.   Please click on our “Clerk of Courts” link for Mayor’s Court schedule.  You may e-mail our Clerk of Courts at


Our Solicitor, Andrew Meier, Esquire, serves as legal advisor to and attorney for the Village, and for all officers of the Village in matters relating to their official duties.  He attends all Council Meetings, drafts resolutions and ordinances, and other instruments in writing in which the Village is concerned, and endorse on each his approval of the form and its correctness.  The Village Solicitor also serves as Prosecutor in Mayor’s Court.

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