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Trick-or-Treat set for Saturday, October 30, 2021, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Posted on: October 5th, 2021 by jhaddix

Halloween Trick-or-Treat in the Village of South Lebanon, as well as Union Township, will be on Saturday, October 30, 2021, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Please be safe and use extra caution for the safety of the children. If you have any questions or need additional information, feel free to contact the Village at (513) 494-2296.

Ways to Prevent Car Break-Ins

Posted on: September 30th, 2021 by jhaddix

The Village of South Lebanon and the Warren County Sheriff’s South Lebanon Post would like to remind everyone about some things you can do to prevent car break-ins.

Thefts from cars tend to be opportunistic crimes. The majority of these thefts occur when a car is left unlocked. Even if your car is parked in your driveway, in front of your house, inside your garage, or anywhere else, be sure to keep your doors locked. Simply locking your doors can deter would be perpetrators who may be checking for unlocked doors in order to take whatever is visible in your vehicle.

Other ways to prevent car break-ins include:

  • Ensuring that your vehicle is secured with the windows rolled all the way up and your car alarm (if applicable) engaged.
  • Avoid leaving items, or proof of items, visible in the car. This includes spare change, sunglasses, any bags, power cords, adapters, GPS units, and more. Anything that may appear of value, or allude to items of value being in the car, should be hidden from view so as not to pique the interest of would be thieves.
  • Get into the habit of stashing items in the trunk before you arrive at a destination.
  • Try to park in well-lit areas and avoid your vehicle being isolated, concealed by larger vehicles, fences, or foliage.
  • Be sure to report break-ins. If you witness a break-in in process, please call 911 immediately and provide as much detail and information as possible including your location, description of the suspect, direction they may go after, and any other pertinent information the Sheriff’s department would find helpful in tracking down the subject. Be safe in doing this and do not put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.
  • In the event your purse or wallet is stolen, contact your bank and credit card company immediately to cancel any cards or put a hold on your accounts. This is also good time to ask the bank if your card or account has been used recently. In most cases, suspects will try and quickly use your accounts before they are closed. You should also continue to monitor your credit in the following weeks for suspicious activity.

Doing these things can help keep you and your possessions safe and avoid car break-ins.

2021 Leaf Collection Program Information

Posted on: September 22nd, 2021 by jhaddix

The South Lebanon Public Works Department is gearing up for its annual leaf-collection service beginning in October, 2021. Since trees lose their leaves at varying times, collection times have been adjusted to accommodate the tree cycles.

To collect leaves more effectively, we request that you rake leaves into the street approximately 12 inches away from the curb to allow rainfall to flow down the curb and into the storm inlets.  If your street does not have curbs, line up your row of leaves on the pavement as close to the shoulder of the road as possible to leave the maximum amount of street surface open for vehicles.  DO NOT park vehicles in the street until leaves have been removed.

Please ensure that there are not any foreign objects hidden in the leaf piles.  These objects can cause significant damage to our equipment and thereby causing costly repairs and a delay in the program.

Please have your leaves raked and ready for pickup by 7:00 a.m. on the FIRST day of your scheduled pickup.  When the crews are scheduled to be in your area on consecutive days, they will be on your street only one of those days, but not all.  If you live on a street that permits on-street parking, be a good neighbor and only rake your leaves to the street during the first day of your scheduled time for leaf pick-up to avoid creating an obstacle for on street parking until the next scheduled pick-up day.

There may be times when the quantity of leaves in one area is so heavy that the leaf collection crews will begin earlier than scheduled. In these cases, crews will return to your area on the days scheduled as well.

An early snowfall will hamper our leaf collection efforts since some of the same trucks that are used to pick up leaves will be needed for our snow plowing efforts. In case of an early snow prior to a leaf collection, leaves raked to the curb for collection will likely be plowed onto the roadway along with the snow.  Weather permitting, any remaining leaves will be collected.

Should you miss the opportunity to participate in the program on the scheduled dates, please bag your leaves and place them at the curb with your weekly trash for pick-up.

Click HERE or the link below to download the leaf collection schedule and map.

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact the Village at (513) 494-2296 by email at

2021 South Lebanon Leaf Collection Program
2021 South Lebanon Leaf Collection Program
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Lebanon Road Closure Starting August 30th for 60 days

Posted on: August 26th, 2021 by jhaddix

August 26, 2021


Road Closure on Lebanon Road for Road Work

South Lebanon, Ohio – Beginning on Monday, August 30th , 2021, for approximately sixty (60) days, Lebanon Road from Mason-Morrow-Millgrove Road to Corwin Nixon Boulevard in the Village of South Lebanon will be closed to vehicular traffic. Emergency vehicles, school buses and local residents will continue to have access during this closure. The closure is required to complete street and sidewalk improvements along this section of roadway.

The planned detour for the closure will utilize Corwin Nixon Blvd to State Route 48 to Mason-Morrow-Millgrove Road.

For more information, you can contact the Village at (513) 494-2296.


2020 Village of South Lebanon Water Quality Report Now Available Online

Posted on: May 27th, 2021 by jhaddix

The Village of South Lebanon Annual Water Quality Report (Consumer Confidence Report(CCR)) for 2020 as required by the Safe Drinking Water Act is now available. Click here to view the CCR report or download below.

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Posted on: April 15th, 2021 by jhaddix

Last week the Warren County Board of Commissioners launched the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. This program is administered through Warren County Human Services and is designed to provide rent and/or utility assistance to eligible residents who have experienced economic hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Attached you will find a press release, information specific to renters & landlords, and a social media graphic to utilize at your convenience. Please help us spread the word about the Warren County Emergency Rental Assistance Program.


– Applicants must live in Warren County and have fallen behind in rent and/or utility payments due to the financial hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic

– Individuals may receive up to 15 months of rent and/or utility assistance, including no more than 12 months of rental or utility arrearage payments

– Only arrearages accrued after March 13, 2020 are considered eligible expenses

– All applications are subject to a needs and income assessment by a program case manager

– The program launched on April 5, 2021 and is set to run through the end of the year or until funds are depleted


Renters and landlords can apply at: 

 For anyone unable to apply online, Warren County Human Services offers application completion over the phone at 513-695-1420.

To request more details on the Warren County Emergency Rental Assistance Program, eligibility, verification documents, application status, or any other inquiry, email:

A link to the application portal can also be found on the Warren County website:

Please note, the Warren County Emergency Rental Assistance Program is not designed to provide mortgage assistance. If anyone is seeking mortgage assistance, please direct them to

4.5.21 Warren County Rental Assistance Program
4.5.21 Warren County Rental Assistance Program
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ERA Overview
ERA Overview
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Information For Landlord
Information For Landlord
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Information For Renters
Information For Renters
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Peters Cartridge Factory Update

Posted on: February 12th, 2021 by jhaddix

The Peter Cartridge Factory continues to progress. Click HERE for the latest photos from the site.

Free WiFi now available at Veterans Park

Posted on: October 30th, 2020 by jhaddix

2021 Annual Tax Interest Rates

Posted on: October 28th, 2020 by jhaddix

By October 31 of each year, the interest rate that will apply to overdue municipal income taxes during the next calendar year will be posted herein, as required by Ohio Revised Code Section 718.27(F).

The interest rate is calculated by adding five percentage points to the federal short-term rate (rounded to the nearest whole number percent) that was in effect during July of the current year, in accordance with ORC Section 718.27(A)(5), and it is applicable to tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2016.

Based on these requirements, the applicable interest rate is as follows:;

Calendar Year Annual Rate Monthly Rate
2021 5.0% 0.42%
2019-2020 7.0% 0.583%
2017-2018 6.0% 0.5%
2016 5.0% 0.42%


River Creek Lofts Multi-Family Development

Posted on: October 5th, 2020 by jhaddix

Recently, the Village approved the preliminary development plan for the 448-unit multi-family residential development at 1771 Mason-Morrow-Millgrove Road. Below is an animation of the proposed development known as “River Creek Lofts”. Construction on the development is planned to start in 2021. If you have any questions or would like additional information on the development, please email or call (513) 494-2296.


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